Author: Meghan Lien

Call The Stereotype Police, Please

Well, I suppose it’s that time again, Friends. It’s another episode of This Gives Me a Fucking Migraine Every Single Time. Last month I read an article in the New York Times about a ‘Psychic’ who was sentenced to 40 months in prison and required to pay $1.6 million in restitution to the woman she… Read more »

An Update:

Hey Everyone, Susan here, coming to you directly to weigh in on a situation that is unfolding in our local wellness community and which I feel is important for you to know about. Here’s what happened: last week a local yoga studio owner who is white, posted a long Instagram post “reintroducing” herself to her… Read more »

The Why of Intuition, Groovy Metaphysical Edition

You may have noticed that in circles where people are interested in learning about their intuition they are also often talking about tapping into the creative potential of our brains. There’s a reason for that. Once we begin to get more comfortable with our intuition, we begin to observe that it has a lot to… Read more »

The Blurting It Out Stories: 1. When To Say All The Things, And When Not To

I learned the hard way that it is always imperative to ask permission before sharing intuitive information with someone. In 1993, ahead of my first marriage, my stepmother and I were in Crate and Barrel setting up a bridal registry. The young woman who was our sales assistant guided us around the store, showing us… Read more »


Welcome to the Intuitive Recharge, Friends! For the next seven days, I’m going to be sharing exercises and thought experiments designed to inspire you to trust your intuition just a bit more than you might otherwise. Undoing the belief that you can’t trust yourself is hard work. That’s why I’m always encouraging you to aim… Read more »

RECHARGE DAY TWO: Sometimes It’s Funnnnnnny

Show of hands please from everyone out there who thinks we need to be super wise and evolved about our intuition? That’s one of the ways our culture marginalizes intuition btw, by categorizing it as a rare, dramatic and wrenching phenomenon. Those powerful stories are real, but what we really need to be talking about… Read more »

RECHARGE DAY THREE: The Magic of Being Wrong

No matter where you are on your journey, you have had at least a few experiences when one of two things happened: you had a strong feeling about a person, place or situation and you listened to it, or you didn’t. Here’s the thing. Either case is instructive. The times you listened teach you that… Read more »


Busyness is one of the biggest dampers on your intuition. There’s a lot of talk these days about slowing down, becoming more mindful, and creating time for ourselves. In theory, I agree. Doing all of those things (especially if you throw in daily meditation practice) will help you foster a better relationship with your intuition… Read more »


When we first moved to Exeter, my husband took the Downeaster to work every day. Since the Amtrak station is a five-minute walk from our house, trains arriving and departing are part of the soundscape of our daily life. The northbound 6:40 am is often a Really, You Need To Get Your Ass Out of… Read more »


“Hey, Susan, it’s all well and good that I’m grooving along here trusting my intuition but what if my spouse or partner doesn’t believe what I’m seeing or feeling?” This is a really important question. And it depends on a couple of things. First off, I’m just going to leave this here: whether they are… Read more »