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Everyone is Intuitive.  You have within you the power to live authentically, effectively, and meaningfully.  You have a guide of your very own, who knows the way to connect with your highest good.  Learning to live intuitively starts with the realization that you are more than the "outsides" of your life, that you have a special purpose, that you are walking the earth right now for a very special reason.  Come discover what that is!


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Susan is an accomplished Psychic who has been reading for people world-wide for over twenty years. Her down-to-earth approach to intuition and spirituality has made her unique in her field, and has helped her reach thousands of people, some of whom would never have considered consulting an Intuitive. Original in her approach to the practice of doing "readings", her passion is to help others feel comfortable in their own skin and live their best life!


small_pink_roseI have had the privilege to read for people since 1987, when I discovered that my life-long fascination with "Psychic Phenomena", as it was then called, was really just a mask for my own innate Psychic ability. I have read for people from all walks of life, and it is my great joy to be able to look past color, creed, politics, profession, and more to see each of us in our true humanity.

The goal of a reading is not merely to predict the future. In fact, that is a very small part of what I do. Detailed information about you is revealed to me based on two requirements of what we call "reality": what is probable, and what is possible. I give my clients both scenarios and then coach them on how to bring about what is their hearts' desire.

Also, by showing you parts of yourself you may have disconnected from, and by relaying information about you from the other side, clients feel more "known" spiritually, less isolated. They can open up to their own intuitive gifts, which I believe help us all live better lives.  


small_red_roseMy passion is helping my clients develop their own intuitive abilities. I believe that everyone is naturally gifted in these areas, some more than others. It's like any other skill you would possess; cooking, math, athletic talent. Everybody has the potential to strengthen their intuition. The tricky part is that in our society intuition and psychic ability is marginalized. It is not a widely recognized part of life. It is labeled as "weird" and outside the norm. So there are large numbers of us who are actually quite gifted but never realize it! I feel I have a responsibility to teach others what it actually feels like to live life intuitively, and to help banish the myths and misconceptions about intuition as a daily practice. It's not silly or crazy. It's one of the most valuable natural resources we have!

What's it Like to Have a Reading?

Working with Susan has been so helpful during a time of great change in my life. Her guidance has

been instrumental in assisting me with moving forward fearlessly into a life I know is good and true for

me. Following our heart, listening to our own inner guidance, and trusting that the universe has our

back is the only way to truly live a life of limitless possibilities. Susan has helped me step into this more

completely and it hasn’t let me down yet!

When we first met, Susan told me I was going to be getting a promotion or a new job and that there

were arrows pointing together with nutrition, exercise, and working with doctors. She said it wasn’t just

that, there was more. The word was “holistic”. Yes, and six months later, I am a Holistic Health Coach

partnering with doctors to support their patients make necessary healthful habit changes.

Thank you for all of your support and guidance, Susan!!

 Kelly, Hampton NH

Several months ago in my reading during a circle with Susan, her first words to me were, "Your work is going to take you to Europe", where she said I would be gathering information for my company about what is working and what isn't, and help them with process.  I smiled because I knew what no one else did: overseas rotational assignments are a possibility at my company, and I had been wanting to do one in the UK. Susan always says to state your intentions and make then known to the universe, and in the months since the circle I have been doing just that, constantly stating "I will do a rotational assignment in the UK." Tonight I am boarding a flight to London to begin a 3-4 month assignment in the UK office.  In addition to my marketing duties I will be helping the UK group formulate better work processes.

Susan's next prediction for me is that I will be bringing her back Cadbury chocolate from England. We'll all have to stay tuned to see if that comes true as well...

--Ali, San Diego