About Susan

Intuitive is a fancy word

For someone who is psychic

For over 30 years now, people from all over the world have experienced Susan’s gifts first-hand both in private sessions and in workshops.

About Susan

About ten years ago, tired of describing herself as a psychic and weary of then having to explain why she wasn’t also a crystal ball-consulting redhead–(no offense meant to redheads. Or crystal balls)–she changed her job description to intuitive. Because “What’s an intuitive?” is way more fun to answer than “So are you reading my mind right now?”

No longer chained to the stereotype, she continues her work with the same down-to-earth style full of love and humor that has always been her trademark. Her mission is to pull intuition out of the margins of our understanding and to broadly encourage the awareness that everyone is intuitive. And of course, if she makes you laugh in the process all the better.


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