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Owning Our Path: The Intuitive Guidance That Drives Our Purpose

April 22, 2024 | 7:30 — 9:00pm

Spring has sprung! In this session we will be breathing deeply into our relationships with ourselves, who we are, why we are here, and where we are headed. Pausing and centering ourselves brings the vision of who we are becoming into focus. We will be using a variety of different types of Intuitive Meditation to awaken a deeper compassion for ourselves and others. Register now.

Intuition Disco: Tune In, Trust, and Transform Your Work Life

April 19, 2024 | 12:00 — 1:30pm

Are you at a crossroads in your work life, seeking to make decisions that align with your true purpose? Whether you’re navigating your career path, running your own business, or exploring new opportunities, join us on the Intuition Disco dance floor for a 90-minute virtual workshop and Q&A designed to help you recognize, trust, and tune into your intuition. Register now.

Start Here: A monthly workshop for anyone who wants to connect with their intuition but doesn’t know where to start.

February 9, 2024 | 7:00 — 8:30pm

February 9th at 7pm ET


This year I’ll be hosting a monthly class I’ve created to field questions from anyone who has wondered how to build a better relationship with their intuition. I’ll be sharing the basics about intuition and how to discover yours, with simple exercises you can integrate into your daily life.

Master Class Session 14: Intuition and Self Care

January 29, 2024 7:30 — March 18, 2024 7:30pm

8 weeks, Mondays at 7:30pm ET starting January 29th
(please note, the Master Class requires completing Intuition 101 or having a private session with Susan) 

“Self care” is a popular buzzword but what does it really mean? How can we use our intuition to guide the practice of being there for ourselves? In this class, we’ll focus on practical action steps related to good self-care, but we’re also going to explore the power of allowing our intuition to manage the “care and feeding” of ourselves, as well as how to take good care of our intuition!

Intuition Lab: Experiments for Tapping into Your Career Creativity

January 26, 2024 | 12:00 — 1:30pm

Do you feel a sense that you’re meant for something MORE?

​Does an inner knowing tug at you that you are not fully utilizing your unique gifts?

​Are you seeking clarity and the confidence to take action in your one precious life?

​If so, this virtual workshop is for you! Join us for an intuitive journey to tap into your career purpose and potential.

​Together, we will:

​🔮 Explore why we perceive uncertainty and changes as threats, not portals
🔮 Question assumptions holding you back through insightful writing exercises
🔮 Learn simple rituals for accessing intuition and inner wisdom whenever you feel doubt
🔮 Discuss pathways to move from confusion to curiosity when plans unravel
🔮 Gain tools to begin building resilience in the face of the unknown

​What to expect:

​🌀 60 minutes of intuitive learning, journaling, and sharing, followed by an optional 30 minutes of Q&A and further exploration
🌀 Wisdom and teaching from a master intuitive guide
🌀 Journaling time for self-reflection and tuning into your intuition
🌀 Small group breakouts to share what you’ve uncovered
🌀 A judgment-free atmosphere to get curious and inspired

​You’ll leave feeling inspired, with a new perspective and customizable practices to continue connecting to your creative inner compass.

​About your hosts:

​Susan Gorman is an intuitive counselor with over three decades of experience working with individuals to help them tune into their inner knowing. A master teacher and guide, Susan has the ability to see the real you from a higher perspective. By sharing her gifts, she helps her clients gain fresh perspectives on situations in their lives and helps them trust what is already within them.

​Roz Duffy is a creativity coach and facilitator who followed several threads to arrive in Susan’s inbox in 2020 (what a year that was!). Since then, Susan has been her counselor, guide, and teacher, helping her tune into and trust her intuition, leading to exponential creative growth!


A Joyful Heart Part 2

September 26, 2020 11:00am — November 28, 2020 12:00pm

Everyday Intuition: A Joyful Heart 2 is starting Saturdays at 11 am EST, September 26th. Joy can seem like a luxury when we travel through times as uncertain and challenging as these, but it’s actually essential if we are to respond to our own lives and be able to transform within them. Whether the path is difficult or smooth, everything that happens in our lives can lead us to become more intuitive. This class continues the discussion about joy, but you don’t need to have taken the first session (or any other). Come join us and start learning!

A Joyful Heart 2 Registration

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Radical Spiritual Creativity

July 25, 2020 11:00 — September 12, 2020 12:00am

Saturdays at 11am-12pm ET, beginning July 25, 2020. Join Susan for Radical Spiritual Creativity, a course designed to help you have the life you really want. There is no limit to what you can create once you understand the power of your intuition and how it works in your life. Especially now, during this moment in our human history when many structures are breaking down, there is an opportunity for renewal. Even though we may be experiencing deep uncertainty and loss, it is important to take stock and look closely at what needs to be changed. This regular class is designed to bust myths and misconceptions about spirituality along the way, as you learn the real meaning of abundance and prosperity, and how to live a life rooted in these principles.

Radical Spiritual Creativity

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Intuitive Meditation

July 6, 2020 7:00 — October 12, 2020 8:00pm

Developing a still, silent place inside you is the best way to support your inner voice.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to meditate or have tried and failed, thinking you’re just one of those people who can’t do it. Maybe you’re a seasoned meditator who needs some fresh perspective or a new routine. This class is for you and anyone in between, regardless of your experience. The only thing you need is a willingness and an open mind.

In this class, you’ll learn how to meditate in a way that specifically promotes your relationship with your intuition. We’ll have fun doing it and before long you’ll see the impact it’s having on your entire life.

First class is Monday, July 6 at 7pm ET. Following classes will continue on alternate Mondays at 7pm.

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A Joyful Heart- Zoom Class By Donation

May 30, 2020 11:00 — July 18, 2020 12:00am

Saturdays at 11am-12pm ET, beginning May 30, 2020. Susan’s latest series, A Joyful Heart, is designed to help promote joy and intuition from the inside out. Because… what happens when you can’t count on all the things you normally do to bring you joy anymore? When your outer environment fails or when change is sudden and great, what resources can you count on to be a carrier for joy? This regular class will prepare you with the tools you need to cope and forge forward.

How do I sign up?

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Everyday Intuition- Zoom Class By Donation

May 23, 2020 | 11:00 — 12:00am

Saturdays at 11am-12pm ET. If you want to dive more deeply into the topics, join me for a new weekly class that will give you the opportunity to learn with others, get feedback from me, and get suggestions for exploring further. This class is a pay-by-donation class, which means you decide what to pay, via Venmo (guidance on how to decide what to pay will be in your welcome email).

How do I sign up?

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