My job is to be an ambassador

to Intuition. I’ll show you what

mine can do, and introduce you

to yours.

When you sit down with me for a private consultation, I provide the information that’s going to make the biggest difference in whatever you’re dealing with in your life. But I’m also demonstrating what it’s like to observe your life using my gifts. It can be very comforting and transforming to perceive your life through an intuitive’s ‘eyes’.

There’s no denying how powerful this kind of help can be, but with each and every client, I also pay attention to another very important thing which is: do you have a sense of your own intuition? Are you in touch with it? Are you comfortable with it? If you‘re in a space to learn more about that, great. And it’s also ok if you just need support.

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What to expect

Even if you’ve consulted an intuitive before, you may have a few jitters. This work is meaningful and personal, so you may be nervous about opening your life up to be seen by a new person. Your first session is 75 minutes and we cover a lot during that time, but you always have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

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“How do I know where to start?” People often ask me whether a workshop or a private consultation is the best place to begin. The answer is, “Yes!”. Almost always, my students end up doing one-on-one work with me, and my private clients enjoy the experience of furthering their knowledge in a group. Start with what feels right.


Whether you need insight and clarity, or coaching on how to prioritize your own gut instincts, a one-on-one session gives you the opportunity to shine a light on what’s most important.


View upcoming opportunities to learn more about your intuition and how to connect with it.

Master Class

After you’ve had a session with me or completed Intuition 101, you’re ready for a deeper dive (please note, the Master Class requires completing Intuition 101 or having a private session with Susan).


From brown bag lunch series at your workplace, to half- or day-long seminars, discovering the value of intuition and meditation practice for stress reduction as well as for overall wellness can be customized for any audience.