Today I’m going to encourage you to pay attention to areas in which you might be stretched too thin. You do not have to eliminate all the stress from your life in order for your intuition to flourish, you simply have to believe that good self-care is a worthy priority, and you have to be willing to back that up with actions that show you’re walking your talk. The world is a challenging place, and our lives can feel overwhelming at times. It’s important to keep your environment and your choices as supportive as possible. You are your instrument, intuitively speaking. Caring for yourself and honoring your needs puts gas in your tank so it’s there when you need it.

Make a List, or two. Or three: This is a good exercise to do on paper. At the top of a page, choose an area of self-care and title it: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Family, Creative, Financial, Community. Add as many categories as you’d like. Then start exploring through writing. What is calling out for your attention? Are you getting enough sleep? Have you been sick a lot lately? Do you have relationships in which your boundaries need strengthening? Are you allowing yourself time for relaxation and fun?

Notice, I did not use the word balance. I don’t believe perfect balance is achievable in our lives and as a concept, it does a lot of damage to the actual quality of our lives. The pursuit of the illusion that we can always have a balanced life is a fool’s errand. What you’re looking to identify through your writing are the areas or issues that you may have been neglecting, but you’re not going to take action to try and “fix” anything. Today’s work is just to make your lists. Tomorrow I’ll share some tips on what’s more effective.

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