Learning how to listen to our intuition is vitally important, but did you know your intuition is always listening to you too? Wouldn’t you like to know the things it’s observing about you? Getting curious about the repository of insight and guidance that your intuition collects on your behalf is one of the ways we begin to differentiate how the still, small voice is different than the loud clamor in our minds.

We all tolerate way too much worry and anxiety in our thinking. And in this culture, we think a lot. We are very dependent on our own ideas and thoughts, often to futility.

It works like this: we start fussing about a problem we are trying to solve or a situation that we’d like to improve. Or we start planning something. Very quickly our minds lock into a circular whirring, going over the same points round and round and round again.
No new information, just the same ideas in the same flat tone. (It gets boring fast).

Ever notice things rarely go according to plan anyway, no matter how much we’re invested in them? And despite that, we remain deeply attached to our ideas about how things should unfold. Yet underneath all that mental activity is a calming, grounding energy that speaks in a very relaxing voice. Usually, when we first hear it we don’t trust it because it seems too good to be true. It’s completely reliable, however.

Your intuition is always there, waiting patiently to weigh in.

Shhhhh: Your assignment today is to do two things: 1) Consider that intuition uses your mind as a tool, but it is not a mental capacity. 2) See if you can identify when your thoughts become worrisome, negative, and rapid. Every time you notice this is happening, take a few deep breaths and center yourself. Okay, three things: 3) Next, when you’re calmer, see if you can pick out a quieter, more grounded narrative apart from all of that noise. Keep in mind this takes practice! And patience. Do not judge yourself for how successful you are, ever! That just creates more mental thrash, which puts you back at square one. And remember, learning to really hear your inner voice clearly gives you access to a universe of positivity. That’s where you’ll find better solutions and new ways of perceiving every single thing facing you in your life. It’s worth the effort. Don’t give up!

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