One of the major blockages to a free and easy relationship with our intuition is the fear that by relying on it, we will be exposed to a lot of bad news. This attitude is pervasive and makes me so sad. Occasionally a client ends their session by confessing at the end of their session how terrified they were that I was going to say something horrible about the people they love, or their finances, or their health. It’s a veritable act of bravery that they showed up at all!

We must watch closely for the assumption that intuition is the gateway to fear. It’s not. Our life’s journey is what can be uncertain and confusing. But your intuition is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s only motivation is to be helpful.

Your comfort level for how much you can receive intuitively depends on two things: how much fear you unknowingly normalize in your daily life, and whether that fear has impacted your ability to be honest with yourself. We can get so used to anxiety that we think it’s a reasonable filter for everything we’re dealing with day to day. And we make a lot of judgments based on what fear tells us. Unfortunately, if the fear runs unchecked we may try to protect ourselves by assuming a posture of avoidance towards all that is true in our hearts, making it all the harder for our intuition to reach us.

Show Fear The Door: If you struggle with the fear that your intuition might upset you, you’ll need to be on the lookout for these two situations: The first is when you recognize it’s telling you something you’ve known for a while is true but haven’t been able or ready to admit to yourself. The second is when you jump to conclusions about what it’s telling you–and your assumptions about those messages, rather than the messages themselves are the cause of your upset. Do a little thinking and a little journaling today about your experiences here. Remember, you now know how to separate worries and circular thinking from your intuition, so you already have some experience identifying what is actually intuition and what isn’t. Now take it one step further. Show fear the door and ask yourself, “What would I be sensing and feeling about ____ if there was no reason to be upset or afraid?”. You might be surprised at the answer!

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