Hello Friends,
How often do you feel consumed by dread?
I’m not just talking about the free-floating anxiety that settles on your shoulder for a little mid-day chat a là you really should have that mole checked, it’s probably cancer, also, way to overshare with the UPS guy, plus: you’ve probably filled your quota of stupid “clarifying” questions at work today…..
I’m referring to the all-consuming, deep-toned fear that’s not quite a panic attack, but also has no moment to pin itself to. I mean it can definitely be attached to horrible news (in your circle or in the world) but it tends to expand ever-outward, arriving at the shores of your personal Mt. Doom.
It might surprise you to know that your intuition is constantly directing you to a bigger picture in which reality is spiritually neutral. This means that nothing is either all good or all bad, and there is purpose in all that’s unfolding. And we learn from all of it, living better all the time.*Here’s where I give you a moment to roll your eyes so hard you get a headache* Because I get it. Life is fucking hard, but like this hard? Really?
A good life, to my understanding, doesn’t prevent you from feeling all of your feelings, often all at once, sometimes a lot of the time. Actually, this is the price of admission to the life you want. You have the capacity to feel two kinds of empathy: emotional empathy means that even if you haven’t gone through what another person is going through, you can imagine what it’s like. Intuitive empathy means you don’t have to imagine it, you feel the feelings of others as if they were your own.
Most of us are trying to manage our own feelings while carrying all of everyone else’s at the same time. That’s what creates dread.
It’s also a sign that your nervous system is overloaded. And as much as your ability to be empathetic is the best of your humanity, a good life means sometimes you hate it here, and that’s ok. That’s when it’s time to put down what you’re carrying that’s not yours. Look around. Breathe. You are a good person who will do good things. But you won’t find the path that leads to the greatest good for the highest number unless you listen to your intuition.
To get back into your heart, call out three things that bring you peace. Here’s mine: I finally saw a grosbeak at the feeder last week, Season Two of Only Murders In The Building is just as hysterical as Season 1, and ADNAN IS FREE!
Live for it all, Friends. I love you.

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