Intuitive Meditation:

A Course For Everyone

A Self-Paced E-Course to Help You Establish and Nourish Your Meditation Practice

  • 3 Full Guided Meditations
  • 8 Daily Audio Lessons On Meditation Best Practices
  • Lifetime Access To The Intuitive Meditation Resource Archive

And by everyone, I really

do mean everyone!

This course will help you build the foundation for a grounded meditation practice that you can actually do. Meditation won’t train you to shoot laser beams out of your eyes, but it can help you be the most authentic version of yourself, liberate you from soul-crushing stress, consistently connect you to your intuition, and teach you to trust it.

Intuition is our most natural resource, and meditation, done consistently, easily unlocks its power. This course will show you how.

P.S. I’m sorry about the laser beams, guys. I really wanted that for us.

E-Course Price $39.00


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(I’m looking at you)

  • Even if you’ve meditated for years
  • Especially if you’ve never meditated in your life
  • Specifically if you’re interested in a better connection to your intuition
  • Emphatically if you believe you’re one of those people who just can’t meditate

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Three guided audio meditations to help you practice your newfound skills



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