Author: Susan Gorman

Be a Channel for Change: A Message From Mexico City

Protest street art by the native and locals against colonialism in Mexico City.

A piece I wrote for the socials, ahead of the 2020 presidential election, is suddenly gaining traction again. Proving that the algorithm is as mysterious as ever, because why now? (And confoundingly, as always, how)??? In any case, it confirmed for me that the energy in our country and the world is rising. And how… Read more »

Anxiety & Intuition

Plague Year Musings: You’re Probably Really Afraid Right Now. This Could Be The Beginning of a Miracle.  1)  Consider just for a moment, that there may be healing afoot.  At first it may seem entirely inappropriate to consider anything but the magnitude of terror and shock lockdown has triggered. But it may be simultaneously true… Read more »

Your Freaking Heart Chakra

There are many intuitives who are sensitive to how illness and health interact on so many levels within ourselves, and I am one of them.  However, and this is a big (BIG) disclaimer, if you’ve been following me for a while it won’t come as any surprise that I absolutely turn my back on simplistic… Read more »

The Suddenness

Notes On Joy One What do we do when the life we counted on to make us happy disappears? When the routines we followed faithfully are upended? When suddenly on a dime, change or loss forces us to confront the uncertainty in our hearts? If you’ve tried to lean on platitudes recently, like “Just live… Read more »

What The Pandemic Is Taking Away (Hint: It’s Not All Bad)

One: The Pandemic Is Clarifying I don’t think it’s too early to begin thinking about what structures are collapsing in our lives during the pandemic.  To be clear, I’m not just talking about the direct losses caused by the actual physical struggle with the virus. People are dying, or not dying but facing months of… Read more »

On the Importance of Anger

Nobody Wants To Talk About The Plague Hi Friends, we’re finally publishing the blogs I wrote during the active phases of the pandemic.  Too soon? Perhaps. I feel some pressure to get these up on the site. Not just as a  teeny tiny foot stuck directly into the path of our collective and stampeding denial,… Read more »

Everyday Intuition Podcast: The GOAT Intuition Story

There’s no competition currently for the GOAT intuition story, but this week’s episode of the Everyday Intuition podcast is looking like a lifelong contender. In this week’s episode, I chat with my client Meg Simone who has graciously agreed to share her amazing experience following the trajectory of predictions revealed in her first session in… Read more »

Uncertainty Thy Name Is Dread

Hello Friends,   How often do you feel consumed by dread?   I’m not just talking about the free-floating anxiety that settles on your shoulder for a little mid-day chat a là you really should have that mole checked, it’s probably cancer, also, way to overshare with the UPS guy, plus: you’ve probably filled your quota… Read more »

Challenging the Always/Nevers (And Sea Glass Hecklers)

I’m not a fan of using terms like “always” or “never”. They’re limiting, lend toward extreme thinking, and most of all they don’t describe anything remotely literal because nothing definitive can actually be described by those words. Well, most of the time. I mean, I truly believe I’ll never say the words, “I need to… Read more »

Sea Glass, For Example

Near the center and towards the back, on the middle shelf of the built-in sideboard. A small teacup sits filled with the sea glass I brought home from Glass Beach in Ele’ele, Kaua’i well over 20 years ago.  It’s never been displayed with the many other jars of sea glass that have shown up over… Read more »